Members of our community are finding creative ways to help raise funds. 
Please check out their offerings.
If you have an offering, gift, or talent you'd like to share, please contact us.

Petr Novak

Set of Ten
Tea Bowls

 Petr made these thirty bowls over the weekend and they will be fired in ten days. He would like to offer these as three set of ten.  $260/set

*All three sets are now reserved.

Erika Houle

Black & White Film
Developed in Tea

Erika is offering a roll of black and white film for you to shoot and send back to her to be developed in tea. $75 min/roll

Community Comments

Tom Carroll

It is my thanks and gratitude I give to you, your school is more than tea, it’s a way. A bead in my mala that passes through my fingers every day. Sitting with tea is a way into myself and mindful relationships with other beings. I can only repay such a treasure by sharing.

Lindsey Stillwell

Global Tea Hut has been an integral part of my life for the past 6+ years, and through being apart of it, I've shared Tea Ceremonies all across Australia. Tea brings me home to myself and the Earth in a profound and beautiful way. I'd love my next visit to Taiwan to be in the brand new Light Meets Life centre. Supporting this campaign wholeheartedly.

Matthew Grohne

I donated because I love this tea community. When I think about the Tea Sage Hut (and Light Meets Life), I think about it as a home away from home. I think about the amount I spend on tea each year, and realize that more than a new teapot or more tea, the center, the teachings, and the people there are the things that help support my tea practice. So now, it's time to support them, and in doing so support this global tea community, present and future.