We're going into the Center's storage to offer some very special tea and teaware as an incentive to continue raising funds for our new tea Center.  In our weekly Tea-Raiser, we will offer a rare tea gift either to a randomly selected donor who has contributed during the week, or to the donor who makes the highest contribution during the week.  (We'll be sure to let you know which!)


The incentive gift will be announced each Monday and the results tallied on Saturday at midnight EST. 

We'll be taking a break from our Tea-Raiser for COMMUNITY TEA WEEK.  

Community Tea Week
Aug 5-11
Number of Donations this week: 12
Together we have raised $919 this week!

(as of August 12, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

Join us with a ceremony in your community!

An extraordinary loose leaf sheng puerh from the 1980's, a blend of leaves from old growth trees.  One of our favorites!

July 29 - Aug 3
Number of Donations this week: 21
Together we raised $3,347 this week!

(as of August 3, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

This week's tea will be gifted to a randomly selected donor.

The storage of this beautiful brick of shou puerh from the 1990s is immaculate. It has had the same owner since 2001, who stored it very well. The tea is clean and beautiful. The leaves are larger, with some “huang pian” mixed in the blend, which means mature leaves. These thinner leaves, which were on the tree longer, age faster and have particular flavor. We think that some of the raw material is from old trees and that due to the more mature leaves the piling was less, meaning the tea had more room to age.

This glorious tea tastes like autumn forests, earth and tree roots. It had beautiful, grounding energy and a wonderful calmness. It is light for shou, not thick and creamy like more piled teas.

Autumn Bridge
July 22-27
Number of Donations this week: 14
Together we raised $2,690 this week!

(as of July 27, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

This week's tea will be gifted to a randomly selected donor.

We've gone into our private stash to share a very special and delicious 70-year old Taiwanese Oolong this week.  Oolongs become truly spectacular with age, and this one is no exception. It has spent the last handful of years in storage here at Tea Sage Hut.

Aged Oolong
July 15-20
Number of Donations this week: 14
Together we raised $755 this week!

(as of July 20, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

This week's tea will be gifted to a randomly selected donor.

Our dear brother and tea friend Mr. Liang set out to make one perfect cake for his retirement. He took his thirty years of puerh experience and made an incredibly righteous cake!
For five years Mr. Liang purchased all the tea from a wild forest of 200-year-old trees in Bulang.   He aged the tea in Yunnan until all five years were collected. Then he blended the best three years together and pressed the tea into cakes just last year.  This is how tea was made back in the day, when it was made for aging.
These 380-gram cakes are absolutely stunning. They have a beautiful mouthfeel, mature, woody flavors, and some of the most incredible Qi of any puerh we have tried.  

Wu De calls this the "tea of our generation," and we have recently sold out of this truly remarkable cake on our website.

July 8-14
Highest Donation: $250
Together we raised $565 this week!

(as of July 14, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

This week's cake was gifted to the donor who made the highest ccontribution.

Wu De says that Source might be the most powerful tea we have ever shared in a Light Meets Life fundraiser, and certainly one of the best. Energy-wise, it is amongst the best Puerh teas we have ever tried. It is bold, brisk, boundless and beautiful. It comes from ancient, wild trees deep in the forests outside of Dehong, which is still a very pristine part of Yunnan. The vibrancy of this tea is amazing. You really can feel the forest in it. Though it is almost ten years old, it was stored in a dry environment, so it has a liquor more like a three- or four-year-old tea. But it hasn’t dried out, and still has plenty of aging potential!

July 1-6
Number of Donations this week: 12
Together we raised $1,250 this week!

(as of July 6, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

This week's cake was gifted to a randomly selected donor.

Inner Path is a great blend of various teas from Mengku, Lincang, Yunnan. The tea was purchased by a small boutique for private production in 2007. The leaves were of various sizes, from grade three to nine.  This maocha was aged in Jinggu for five years before it was piled, which is unique for modern shou tea. 
This shou is made from a small batch of better leaves, including old-growth, intentionally aged and piled. The whole process, from selecting and blending the teas to aging them in Jinggu, then in piling them with more intention and for only a month, and then in aging the cakes themselves for two years to allow them to mellow out and lose the piling flavors - all of this was done with a love for Tea and a desire to make a great shou puerh. It's no wonder this is one of our favorites!

This magical tea lights up a day, with a sweet and thick liquor that tastes of camphor, mushrooms and Taiwanese black sugar. We find the Qi of this magical tea to be surprisingly uplifting for a shou, though we still feel grounded. It isn't as Yin as most shou. It is great in the afternoon or early evening, helping transition from day to night. Drinking it really feels like a journey inward...

Inner Path
June 24 - 29
Number of Donations this week: 22
Together we raised $2,731 this week!

(as of June 29, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

This week's cake was gifted to a randomly selected donor.

One of the rarest and best sheng puerh cakes you will ever try!

It is very rare that a tea lover gets to drink tea like this: actual and true “old-growth” tea. And not only is this amazing tea handpicked from 800 to 1,800-year-old trees deep in the forests of the Ai Lao Mountain range in Yunnan, China, but the proceeds of the raw material are shared by the entire tribe, and the land is protected, gated, with every tea tree numbered! The cakes are traditionally stone-pressed with no machinery used, and then aged at Tea Sage Hut until now. The local tribe, called the Ku Chuong, believe that in drinking this tea your heart sees clearly and you can never get lost. May every sip be your guide!

Aged Mountain Gate
June 17 - 22
Highest Donation: $300
Together we raised $1,214 this week!

(as of June 22, 2019, 11:59pm EST)

This week's cake was gifted to the donor who made the highest contribution.